ALL LINES Insurance Adjuster Training Course Package 
includes the Live Instructor 30-Day Subscription

ALL LINES Insurance Adjuster Training Course 
Package includes the Live Instructor 30-Day Subscription                            

ALL LINES Insurance ADJUSTER Training Course (Standard)

**The Texas Resident Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the country. 15 states (See below) recognize this license via reciprocity thus allowing an adjuster to enjoy a wide scope of operation as long as any unique state regulations are also met. This broad license make an adjuster much more valuable. 

The All Lines Resident Adjuster License is the broadest adjuster license available and allows the adjuster to work with the following types of losses:

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All Lines Adjuster license
  • • Residential – this is homeowners and fire policies and is primarily 
           dwelling risks
  • • Commercial – business property, churches, schools, etc.
  • • Auto – both personal and business auto
  • • Farm and Ranch – animals, crops, buildings,
  • • Inland Marine – valuable objects, cargo, docks, piers, bridges, transmission lines
  • • Ocean Marine – vessels for transportation, hull insurance, yacht policies
  • • Workers Compensation – Covers the Texas WC certification

Why is the Texas Adjuster's License so highly valued?
  • Many states recognize the Texas Adjuster's license as valid in their own state because Texas was one of the first states to establish high standards to earn and maintain an adjuster license.  
  • In short, take our online Texas adjuster's training and exam online exam and upon successful completion, you are granted a Texas adjuster's license which is recognized by many states. 
  • Through reciprocity, you are licensed by proxy to operate in those states which recognize the Texas Adjuster's license.
  • The TX Adjuster's License is reciprocal in 32 states but in cases additional state specific courses may be required. Please check with the appropriate Department of Insurance if you have any questions about Adjuster Licensing rules in your state. 

Ask Jack Program Information Live Instructor Connect Subscription 
  • Give yourself a winning edge by adding a Live Instructor Subscription to your pre-licensing course enrollment. This service gives you phone and email access to our in-house insurance expert and trainer to help personalize your online learning by giving you tailored guidance in preparing to obtain a Property & Casualty, Life & Health or Adjuster License.
  •  When this add-on is purchased, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the following services: 

What if my state also offers an adjusters license?
  • Some state offer a state specific adjusters license. Often these state specific licenses do not enjoy the broad reciprocity agreements with various states as does the Texas Adjuster License.
  •  Many adjusters who wish to be qualified to work a large geographic area find the widely accepted TX Adjuster License to be more valuable. If you have questions about state specific adjusters license please consult your respective Department of Insurance.  

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*Please note: Your state may offer an approved adjuster's license of its own. Our course is for a Texas adjuster's license, which is accepted in your state through reciprocity allowances. The Texas Adjuster's license is preferred because it allows for the most career flexibility and versatility.

State Approved and Online Now!
Everything you need to get your Adjuster license for $249
  • Our insurance adjuster licensing course allows anyone interested in obtaining an adjuster's license to complete the course online at their convenience, 24x7. 
  • The course is a series of Tx mandated lessons that contains 4 quizzes per course hour. The quiz & final exam questions are 70% application and 30% memorization. Upon completion of the online final exam you can immediately apply for your Adjuster Property & Casualty License. The actual Adjuster Exam is included. It's that easy!

Benefits of using Online Classroom
Take the course and final exam online. 
  • No need to travel to TX and go to a testing center
  • We represent a provider, 360Training that was one of the first providers to earn the Texas Department of Insurance certification to offer the adjuster license online.
  • 24/7 Live Instructor Help Desk provides valuable help, especially for our out of state students who need help with  help on content questions.
  • Certificate of completion available immediately after passing. Clear instructions provided on ordering your TX license.
  • To maintain the Texas All Lines Adjuster license you will need to meet the 30 hour TX CE requirement every two years.

Live Instructor Help Desk: 
  • Direct access to an in house insurance expert and instructor to answer your questions about course content or the insurance licensing process. Our live instructor help desk is available to you from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST by telephone and email (voicemail and email responded to within 24 business hrs). Valid for 30 days from the date of enrollment. 

Why select us as your source for the Texas Adjuster Exam
  • Comprehensive course to help you pass the rigorous exam
  • Learn adjusting procedures and build a foundation of insurance knowledge 
  • Course written in understandable terms with examples - this is not a "cut & paste" of law
  •    Benefits of the Live Instructor service bundled with the program; help by phone and email
  • Directions on how to apply for the adjuster license and meet fingerprint requirements
  • •You can earn the CE credits to maintain your license
  • Enhance your professional career with the license that allow nearly "coast-to-coast" coverage

Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster (Classroom Equivalent)

  •    All Lines Adjuster’s Course
  •   All Lines Adjuster Texas Content
  •   All Lines Adjuster Texas Final Exam

You are about to earn one of the most respected insurance certifications in America - the All Lines Adjuster License. The All Lines Adjuster course is a TDI approved Pre-License, Classroom Equivalent course. The All Lines license allows an adjuster to work claims in the following areas:

  •   Residential – property used primarily for dwelling
  •   Commercial – property used for business, recreation, worship
  •   Auto – cars, motorcycles, and covered vehicles used for non-commercial transport
  •   Farm & Ranch – dwelling, outbuildings, barns, animals, equipment, crops in storage
  •   Inland Marine – commercial trucks in transit and their cargo; docks, piers, bridges
  •   Ocean Marine – sea vessels and their cargo
  •   Workers Comp – workers injured while on the job 

This comprehensive course will prepare you for the final exam that will certify you as a knowledgeable, professional insurance adjuster in the state of Texas. The Texas All Lines Adjuster license will allow you to work in the state of Texas, as well as in multiple states offering reciprocity.

Earning the Texas Insurance Adjuster license requires attentive study, but this course will walk you through each step with clear explanations and application questions to evaluate and apply your growing knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will be ready to start the application process with TDI formally obtain your Texas All Lines Adjuster license.

Final Exam information:

Successful candidates need to pass a 2 ½ hour, 150 multiple choice final exam with a score of 70% or better. 70% of questions are application based and 30% memory. The final exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party who must sign an Affidavit verifying exam compliance.

Insurance Property and Casualty Adjuster License Training, Approved for 40 hours

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ALL LINES Insurance Adjuster Training Course Package

40 Hr                     $249.95  

40 Hr                     $169.00  

Reciprocity in 15 states!

State Adjusters Prelicense Requirements & Reciprocity with TX 

AK TX Reciprocal
AL TX Reciprocal
AR TX Reciprocal
AZ TX Reciprocal
CA TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required CA license first
CT TX Reciprocal
DE TX Reciprocal
FL *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required FL license first
GA TX Reciprocal
HI No reciprocal with TX
ID TX Reciprocal
IN TX Reciprocal
KY TX Reciprocal
LA TX Reciprocal
ME TX Reciprocal
MI TX Reciprocal
MN TX Reciprocal
MS TX Reciprocal
MT TX Reciprocal
NC TX Reciprocal
NH TX Reciprocal
NM TX Reciprocal
NV *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required NV license first
NY *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required NY license first
OK TX Reciprocal
OR TX Reciprocal
RI TX Reciprocal
SC TX Reciprocal
TX Yes
UT TX Reciprocal
VT TX Reciprocal
WA TX Reciprocal
WV TX Reciprocal
WY TX Reciprocal