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Reciprocal Licensing of 
Non-Resident Adjusters

When you have a Texas Insurance Adjusters License, it's like having a license in 31 states!

The TX Resident Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the country. 31 states recognize this license via reciprocity thus allowing an adjuster to enjoy a wide scope of operation as long as any unique state regulations are also met. This broad license make an adjuster much more valuable. 

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Adjuster License also good in GEORGIA

State      Adjusters Prelicense Requirements & Reciprocity with TX 

AK           TX Reciprocal
AL                  TX Reciprocal
AR          TX Reciprocal
AZ           TX Reciprocal
CA          TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required CA license first
CO          No
CT          TX Reciprocal
DC          No
DE          TX Reciprocal
FL          *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required FL license first
GA         Reciprocal
HI                   No reciprocal with TX
IA            No
ID           TX Reciprocal
IL            No
IN           TX Reciprocal
KS          No
KY         TX Reciprocal
LA          TX Reciprocal
MA          No
MD          No
ME         TX Reciprocal
MI          TX Reciprocal
MN         TX Reciprocal
MO         No
MS         TX Reciprocal
MT         TX Reciprocal
NC         TX Reciprocal
ND          No
NE          No
NH         TX Reciprocal
NJ           No
NM        TX Reciprocal
NV        *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required NV license first
NY        *TX Reciprocal but for non TX resident required NY license first
OH         No
OK        TX Reciprocal
OR        TX Reciprocal
PA          No
RI          TX Reciprocal
SC         TX Reciprocal
SD          No
TX          Yes
TN          No
UT          TX Reciprocal
VA          No
VT          TX Reciprocal
WA         TX Reciprocal
WI          No
WV        TX Reciprocal
WY        TX Reciprocal

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What if my state also offers an adjusters license?

Some state offer a state specific adjusters license. Often these state specific licenses do not enjoy the broad reciprocity agreements with various states as does the Texas Adjuster License. Many adjusters who wish to be qualified to work a large geographic area find the widely accepted TX Adjuster License to be more valuable. If you have questions about state specific adjusters license please consult your respective Department of Insurance.

 Why is the Texas Adjuster's License so highly valued?

  • Many states recognize the Texas Adjuster's license as valid in their own state because Texas was one of the first states to establish high standards to earn and maintain an adjuster license.  

  • In short, take our online Texas adjuster's training and exam online exam and upon successful completion, you are granted a Texas adjuster's license which is recognized by many states. 

  • Through reciprocity, you are licensed by proxy to operate in those states which recognize the Texas Adjuster's license.

  • The TX Adjuster's License is reciprocal in 32 states but in cases additional state specific courses may be required. Please check with the appropriate Department of Insurance if you have any questions about Adjuster Licensing rules in your state. Click here to find a link to your Department of Insurance.

The All Lines Resident Adjuster License is the broadest adjuster license available and allows the adjuster to work with the following types of losses:
  • • Residential – this is homeowners and fire policies and is primarily dwelling risks
  • • Commercial – business property, churches, schools, etc.
  • • Auto – both personal and business auto
  • • Farm and Ranch – animals, crops, buildings,
  • • Inland Marine – valuable objects, cargo, docks, piers, bridges, transmission lines
  • • Ocean Marine – vessels for transportation, hull insurance, yacht policies
  • • Workers Compensation – Covers the Texas WC certification

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From the Texas Department of Insurance web siteTexas will grant reciprocity in licensing non-resident

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